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If you have a neurological condition, you may have a range of impairments that can impact your quality and function of daily activities. These can be complex and individual in nature. In order to achieve great outcomes, a multidisciplinary treatment approach is often an important part of your neurological recovery.

We believe in supporting you to get back to or keep doing the activities in your life that are important to you. Our team work together to help you achieve this. We love to see our clients taking up fishing again, trying adaptive golf, getting back to the beach, or trying their hand at new sporting and recreational activities. Our success is measured through the success and real-life achievements of your success.

Upper limb therapy at Advance Rehab Centre
Undercover Rehab, back to sport horse riding
Advance Rehab Centre clients getting back to sport basketball

The team include a range of highly skilled and dedicated physiotherapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, neuromuscular orthotist, speech pathologists and psychologists, who meet regularly to coordinate goals and treatment. This means we are able to provide you a comprehensive and rounded approach to treatment through any stage of the rehabilitation journey. Importantly, our multi-disciplinary style can save you the stress of finding another provider, repetition of your information and additional financial outlay. It also means we can prioritise your goals and subsequent therapy, working on the things most important to you first.

Our disciplines work in teams across Greater Sydney and can provide comprehensive treatment where it suits, either in one of our clinics, in your home, or out in your community.

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