Beach Access Days

Whether your goal is to participate in ocean pool hydrotherapy, broaden your horizons on what is possible when living with a disability or you would just like to access the ocean, beach and be outdoors, neuro-exercise physiologist Jason’s Beach Access days might be for you.
The sessions take place at Collaroy beach, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and depending on your goals we will spend an individual 1 hour session either accessing the beach or the ocean pool (this includes assistance entering/exiting the beach or pool).
The session goals will be led by you. The focus can be to continue working on your exercise goals in an outdoor environment or we can simply support you to experience the psychological and social benefits of accessing the beach and ocean. We can also help to build you and your support team’s confidence to continue these activities independently.
Beach Access day at Collarory Beach
Neurological Rehabilitation at the beach
If you haven’t seen an ARC therapist before, we will need to meet you first. This is necessary to assess your goals, the level of support required and to determine if it will be safe for you to access the ocean pool. If you require more hands on support or hoist transfers you must bring a carer, support worker or family member that is willing to enter the pool to assist with the session.

The Northern Beaches council provides free to rent pools and beach access wheelchairs to allow people with a disability the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of getting back to the beach. Jason will organise all this for you. We will run the sessions weather permitting!

Client Story

Four years ago, Tho suffered a Hypoxic Brain Injury resulting in a loss of coordination of his trunk and limbs (ataxia) and is dependent on using a walker in order to mobilise safely.

Physiotherapy beach access day
Beach access for neurological conditions

Prior to his injury one of Tho’s favourite hobbies was snorkelling which is why he decided to give ARC’s beach access a try! Tho has now attended 2 sessions in the ocean pool at Collaroy and has thoroughly enjoyed getting back in the water. He has started working on coordination of swimming strokes with the use of floats and assistance from Jason, ARC’s Exercise Physiologist. Tho has also started attending his local pool with his carer in order to get more practice!

His next ocean pool session will involve practicing snorkelling. With continued practice and support from ARC we hope to see Tho gain the skills and confidence to resume his favourite activity – snorkelling in open water!



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