For stroke victims in Sydney new breakthrough program hands up is turning rehab into a game.

What is Hands Up?

Our breakthrough stroke therapy program, HANDS UP INTENSIVE, has launched in St, Leonards, Sydney. This is the first program of its kind in Australia to employ such a high-tech boot camp style approach. It is also the first program to be delivered in a private and community-based rehab setting.

Melissa McConaghy, a specialist neurological physiotherapist and creator of the program, says, “It is well known that people often receive just 10 minutes of therapy per day on their upper limb following a stroke. This is in stark contrast to what the research shows are the minimum requirements to achieve functional improvements”.

Using Robotics in intensive Stroke Rehabilitation

Following a stroke, while most people return to walking, up to 60% of people still struggle to do simple tasks like dressing, preparing a meal and putting on shoes because they cannot use their arms effectively.

“By introducing robots and gaming technology in rehab, not only are people getting an unprecedented amount of therapy, but it is also incredibly engaging and fun”. Because the cameras and sensors in the equipment are so sensitive, the most minute movements that may have excluded people from traditional rehab can be captured and capitalised on. “This kind of technology in a rehab setting is rehab of the future. It is set to transform the lives of patients who need upper limb rehabilitation following a stroke or another neurological injury,” says Melissa.

Robots, gaming technology and sensors have long been considered excessive use of therapy funding in the public sector; however, the results have begun to speak for themselves in recent years. “Having invested heavily in specialist robotic equipment, I think we are well placed to provide an exceptional rehabilitation experience to people wanting to get the most out of their upper limb after a stroke”.

The upper limb intensive program, HANDS UP, runs for up to 80 hours of practice time. The program’s intensity is unique, and the team physiotherapy and occupational therapy team running HANDS UP are expecting exciting results. Some of these hours are face to face sessions, and the others are homework hours.

For enquiries and referrals, please get in touch with Advance Rehab Centre directly on 02 9906 7777.

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